Sun-like beauty, Kim So Eun <333333
So pretty, so pretty…

Sun-like beauty, Kim So Eun <333333

So pretty, so pretty…

Kim So Eun at jTBC ‘Happy Ending’ press conference 

She’s a true beauty <3333 Reallllly beautiful

Kim So Eun mentioned Kim Beom along with Go Ara in her Sina Interview
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She said she meets Beommie and Ara whenever she’s free~
BeomSso shippers! It’s time to party once again! ♥



Birth Name: Lee Jun Ho

Stage Name: Junho

Birthday: January 25, 1990

Position: Main Vocalist

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Blood Type: A

Religion: Christianity

Twitter: http://twitter.com/dlwnsghek


Beom and Sso Fact Again


same coat?? hahahaha

thanks for my friend who told me on facebook

credit photos: fantagio twitter & kimbeom japan

Kim So Eun from Happy Ending says, “My ideal type is Nickhun of 2PM”

Recently, actress Kim So Eun has revealed her ideal type to be 2PM’s Nickhun.
At the press conference of JTBC’s new drama series Happy Ending (written by Kim Yoon Jung, directed by Kwak Young Bum) which was held at the Imperial Palace in Gangnam, Seoul on April 20, Kim So Eun mentioned her ideal man.
When a reporter asked about her ideal type, the actress answered, “It is 2PM’s Nickhun. I’ve had a chance to work with another member of 2PM, Jun Ho, lately. Looking back, I had spent much time with ‘idol’ members, and it makes me very happy.
I’m honored to shoot several works with original ‘idols.’ I worked with Jang Woo Hyuk in China and now with Kang Ta in Korea. Some of my fans say whether I had saved the world in a previous life.”
About her foxy character in the series, Kim commented, “My character’s personality is way different from mine in real life. I’m actually a quite person, not being able to speak out for myself, but the girl I play is a confident woman. She tries to look pretty and smart in front of guys. Portraying such a character seems to have some effect on my personality because I tend to get upset and irritated easily these days.”
Kim plays the second daughter of Kim Doo Soo (played by Choi Min Soo) who is well-aware of her beauty. She seems confident and foxy, but they are a mere mask. When she tries to date wealthy guys, she finds herself attracted to Goo Seung Jae (played by Kang Ta) who looks very poor. The first episode of Happy Ending broadcasts on April 23.

” I’ve had a chance to work with another  member of 2PM, Jun Ho, lately. Looking back, I had spent much time with  ‘idol’ members, and it makes me very happy.”

so people don’t blame her, she said that she was very happy working with junho!

please understand the situation! & respect her choice!

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2pm members teasing junho about kim so eun on section tv

Have no idea what they’re talking about but the idea of Junsso couple being recognised by 2pm members brought me so much joy. 

Someone eng sub this plz! Can’t wait to understand at least Junsso part. 

Soeun looks stunning in the press conference.

I don’t like the woman in the orange jumpsuit for some reason; she seems like she’s trying hard to be cute, make me wanna puke. 

By the way, don’t know why some netizens are negatively overeating over SoEun’s statement of Nickhun being her ideal idol. WTF! Can’t she have her own preference, lol? Ugly jealous anti-fan, AWAY~. Leave her alone already!..As if Nickhun would ever be theirs. And WGM is only a show, your Victoria does not own him. This kind of over possessive fans make me wanna puke as well. Read some more of their comments on twitter would really help me lose some weight, lol.